Rosetta challenges the boundaries of jewellery design to showcase diamonds and
gemstones in an audacious new light.

All About the

The audacity and boldness of Rosetta’s signature designs is also apparent in its one-of-a-kind high jewellery. Each piece is designed around gemstones of singular beauty and rarity: whether its the the Zambian Rubies or the Colombian emeralds.

Signature Techniques

Rosetta as a brand italicises our flair for unparalleled approach to design, where each piece is curated to complement you perfectly. The jewellery is the most exceptional yin and yang of classical and contemporary, eclectic and elegant.

A Dialogue of Cultures

Jewellery that is inspired by a blend of Asian and Middle Eastern influences, Rosetta champions simplicity, lightness and fluidity, calling on technological innovations to achieve an effortless harmony between Asian and Western styles, between tradition and modernity, and between gemstones and design.